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Raquel Lopez Delgado

aka “Animation Ninja”

Graphic Designer
Puebla, Mexico
6 years
  • My Specialty
  • My Journey
  • SketchDeck Opportunities
  • Advice for Future Hires

My Specialty

If you had to pick a design niche or specialty, what would yours be?

I LOVE animation and motion graphics.



My Journey

What brought you to SketchDeck in the first place?

I worked with Ceci Carion (another Designer!), and she encouraged me to apply. She would say, “Oh Rack, you’re so organized, and you can make your own schedule—you’ll do great here,” and I was like, “Okay, I’ll try it!”



SketchDeck Opportunities

What kind of unique opportunities has SketchDeck offered you?

Working from home is a new thing for me, and it’s awesome. And getting to work with well-established companies pushes me to grow. Now I’m the main designer for Dropbox, which shows me how much I’ve excelled.



Advice for Future Hires

What advice would you give a designer interested in joining SketchDeck?

Find a place that offers you the challenge of getting the best version of yourself, and if you are lucky like me and you find that that place also makes you happy, don’t let go!



Raquel Lopez Delgado
Raquel Lopez Delgado has been with SketchDeck for quite a few years.
And She is very excited to share her experience with you.
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