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Lucía G. Venzano

aka “Beloved Design Leader”

Director of Design
Buenos Aires, Argentina
6 years and 10 months
Lucia Venzano
  • My Specialty
  • My Journey
  • SketchDeck Opportunities
  • Advice for Future Hires

My Specialty

If you had to pick a design niche or specialty, what would yours be?

Brand identity and strategy. I enjoy leading a team of designers on a mission to discover the holistic vision for a brand.



My Journey

What brought you to SketchDeck in the first place?

I was working at an in-house studio, but I wanted to switch to freelancing. SketchDeck's flexible schedule was perfect for me: giving me workload stability, and allowing me to keep some other side-fun projects projects too.



SketchDeck Opportunities

What kind of unique opportunities has SketchDeck offered you?

You’re encouraged to propose new things. You don’t just work on design projects—you can help develop processes that make designing better.



Advice for Future Hires

What advice would you give a designer interested in joining SketchDeck?

It can take some time to adjust to the way we do things. So be patient and be open to learning new things fast.



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Lucía G. Venzano is one of the leaders of the design team. Her wealth of experience makes her an invaluable asset.
And we’re excited to share her expertise with you.
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