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Felipe Victoria

aka “HTML Extraordinaire”

Cali, Colombia
4 years
  • My Specialty
  • My Journey
  • SketchDeck Opportunities
  • Advice for Future Hires

My Specialty

If you had to pick a design niche or specialty, what would yours be?

Web/UX design. I’m really interested in how people make certain decisions when viewing a webpage.



My Journey

What brought you to SketchDeck in the first place?

I met Aislinn (SketchDeck’s Director of Digital Services!) back in 2015. In 2017, she asked me to make her an HTML email. I hadn’t done that in a while, but I said I would give it a try, and I fell in love. So for a while, I was just doing emails. When Digital Services started, I got more involved.



SketchDeck Opportunities

What kind of unique opportunities has SketchDeck offered you?

The opportunity of truly working remotely and being able to manage my own time has been really important to me. It allows me to use my time the best way I can, either growing from personal projects or being able to spend more time with my family.



Advice for Future Hires

What advice would you give a designer interested in joining SketchDeck?

Don’t be shy, especially on Slack. That’s where you get to know everyone. I feel so welcomed here.



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Felipe Victoria loves SketchDeck for the welcoming atmosphere, especially as a shy introvert.
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