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Carlos J. Zapata

aka “The Collaboration Aficionado”

Design Director
Chicago, IL, US
6 months
  • My Specialty
  • My Journey
  • SketchDeck Opportunities
  • Advice for Future Hires

My Specialty

If you had to pick a design niche or specialty, what would yours be?

I most enjoy having the opportunity to mentor and foster creativity and collaborate with colleagues worldwide.


My Journey

What brought you to SketchDeck in the first place?

SketchDeck found me! I was freelancing, and Mary (Director of Design Operations!) reached out to me. When I started working here and saw how much fun it was, I thought, “If my friends and I created an ad agency, this is what it would look like.”



SketchDeck Opportunities

What kind of unique opportunities has SketchDeck offered you?

I love the range of clientele we work with. I might work on a project for a well-established, multi-million dollar company one day, and then an up-and-coming startup the next. There’s never a dull moment.


Advice for Future Hires

What advice would you give a designer interested in joining SketchDeck?

We like curious minds. Ask a lot of questions!


As one of the newest members of the SketchDeck community, Carlos J. Zapata was most excited by the energy and opportunities SketchDeck has to offer.
And they just keep coming! Check it out. 
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