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Aislinn Barry

aka “Digital Service Master”

Head of Digital Services
Virginia, US
5 years
  • My Specialty
  • My Journey
  • SketchDeck Opportunities
  • Advice for Future Hires

My Specialty

If you had to pick a design niche or specialty, what would yours be?

I’ve been a designer for 25 years, so I’ve done a little bit of everything, but if I had a niche it would be digital products and event design.



My Journey

What brought you to SketchDeck in the first place?

I was looking to make a little extra money and found SketchDeck on pennyhoarder.com. After two months, I left my old job and started working for SketchDeck full-time.



SketchDeck Opportunities

What kind of unique opportunities has SketchDeck offered you?

I first started SketchDeck as a QC, as time went on my job evolved. I went from QC to PM to Production Director where I bridged the gap between designers and QC. Now I lead the Digital Services team in creating websites.



Advice for Future Hires

What advice would you give a designer interested in joining SketchDeck?

SketchDeck wants you to grow. If you put in the effort, an opportunity will be there.



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Aislinn Barry has had an interesting journey here at SketchDeck, including several different positions!
We were excited to speak with her about her career journey. 
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